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Voluntary, individualized support can help you transition successfully to adulthood. Aftercare participants meet at least twice monthly with an IASN Self-Sufficiency Advocate (SSA). Your Advocate will help you set goals, develop important life skills, connect you with community resources, and strengthen personal relationships.

We use a strength-based approach to:

ensure basic needs are met
identify sources of social and emotional support
make connections to community resources
set goals and develop plans
increase knowledge and develop skills

Your participation in Aftercare is voluntary. As long as you are eligible, it is your choice to receive Aftercare assistance or not. The Self-Sufficiency Advocates do not provide intensive case management, monitoring, or therapy.

Aftercare is for young adults between the ages of 18 and 21 who left foster care, State Training School (STS) or court-ordered detension at age 18 or older, or between the ages of 17½ and 18 and had been in placement for at least six months at the time they left placement. Youth may also be eligible if they were adopted or placed in subsidized guardianship on or after the age of 16. You must live in Iowa to receive Aftercare services. Visit IASN Services to learn more.
The program is voluntary, but to remain enrolled all participants must actively participate in developing and working toward self-sufficiency. You will have regular meetings with your SSA (minimum of twice a month) and they will help you reach those goals. You have to be willing to work toward the goal of being independent and self-supporting. That may include finding and keeping a job or continuing your education or job training.
A needs-based financial support is available to Aftercare participants who qualify for the Preparation for Adult Living (PAL) program. To qualify for PAL, you must have exited foster care at age 18 or older and be enrolled in post-secondary education or a work training program, and/or be employed. If you are currently between the ages of 18 - 21 years old and were in foster care for at least 6 months and think you might be eligible, contact the Aftercare agency nearest you, your former DHS caseworker or a Transitional Planning Specialist to sign an eligibility determination form. You can also call 800.443.8336 for referral to an agency.
If you currently live in Iowa and meet the eligibility criteria of being a former foster care recipient that aged out of care, you can receive Aftercare services. It does not matter if you were in foster care in another state or not a resident of Iowa while in care. However, you would not be eligible for the PAL stipend (needs-based financial assistance).
As long as you live in the state of Iowa, the IASN can continue to work with you. The IASN has agencies and SSA's that serve all 99 counties in Iowa. If you move, just inform your SSA that you would like to continue receiving Aftercare services and the SSA will help you connect to another Aftercare provider in your new county. You can also check our Agency by County directory.
There are two specific programs available to former foster youth. You can find information on the Education Training Voucher (ETV) program and All Iowa Foster Care Grant at the Iowa College Aid Commission. You do not have to participate in Aftercare to qualify for these education grants. However, Aftercare services can help you fill out financial assistance applications, scholarship forms and connect to colleges and training programs that offer grants and other assistance. You may also utilize part or all of the Aftercare financial assistance in your pursuit of education goals.

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