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You're about to age out of foster care ... so now what? Entering adulthood means making lots of decisions, and it can be a tough time. The Iowa Aftercare Services Network (IASN) is available to help young adults who have experienced foster care move toward stability and self-sufficiency in five key areas: education, employment, housing, health and relationships.

Young Fellows Weigh In:
Moving From Foster Care to Adulthood

The latest episode of CaseyCast features
two Jim Casey young fellows - Samanthya Amann, a former Aftercare participant, and Brittany Hunter.


Who we are

The IASN is a group of 9 organizations across the state of Iowa that have come together to support youth who have aged out of foster care. Aftercare services are funded and overseen by the Iowa Department of Human Services.
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What we do

The IASN helps young adults meet the challenges of independent living. We do this by including young adults as equal partners in planning and programming.
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Who we serve

The IASN serves more than 700 emerging adults ages 18 to 21 each year in the Iowa Aftercare and Preparation for Adult Living programs. [Learn more]